ORCHESTRA³: The efficient Fulfilment Solution for Call Centers and consolidators

Drive a higher percentage of touchless transactions and ensure high-level PNR quality. From an effective management of margins to a complex queue management to a highly efficient ticketing automation – ORCHESTRA³ covers the entire aspects of Fulfilment.

A constantly changing business environment demands an immediate adaption of processes. Design, modify and control your own workflow scenarios with the innovative workflow tool. The easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) assists you in creating even the most complex workflows.
A lot of pre-defined functions can be taken from a toolbox of the workflow system and stuck together to a process chain by simple drag-and-drop. This makes it easy to create even complex process chains.
The basic toolbox offers all functions that a customer needs to fulfill the general ticketing process of a bulk producer; moreover any customer can use particular functions, exclusively designed for him.
The multi-level Yield Management System (YMS) supports you in administrating service fees, upfront and discounts. Interfaces to mid and back office systems guarantee you to have all the valuable information right at hand.
The ticket automation ORCHESTRA³ is suited perfect not only for the processing of OBE generated PNR but also for PNR created manually by travel agencies. The system is browser based and is hosted 7/24 in the Ypsilon.Net data center in Frankfurt. This guarantees online support, quick updates and highest operational reliability. The system runs on every standard PC and no installation work is needed.


  • Fully automated Ticketing
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-tenancy enabled
  • Multi-level yield-management-system (YMS)
  • Web based
  • Integrated fraud check
  • Interfaces to mid- and back office systems
  • High performance
  • XML data exchange
  • Innovative technology
  • Multi-GDS, multiple OIDs
  • Effective Queue Management System
  • Workflow control on PNR/TST level
  • Flexible Configuration Manager
  • Processing of more than 10.000 PNR per day
  • Automated waitlist clearingwith rebooking function
  • Web-based 7/24 system
  • Interfaces to Payment Service Provider
  • Filter logic to lead PNR into defined procees chains
  • On-the-fly pdf creation
  • Create and send: Travel plan, Price offer, ITR, Ics.
  • Automated schedule change handling
  • Automated clearing of all general airline confirmations

Queue Manager

The Queue Manager constantly monitors all PNR movements processing the PNRs according to your individual filter logic: Quality assurance for possible duplicate bookings, uncorrected status codes, fraud and ticketing options. Once the PNRs passed all checks successfully and the ticket is issued, the scheduler analyses ticket numbers and PNR status, verifying all information is updated instantly.

Every step the PNR passed is documented in the Queue Managers PNR History.

Configuration Manager

Editing individual settings is comfortable with the flexible Configuration Manager. It allows countless settings at all levels of your business: different settings for different users and user groups or individual role and access authorization to restricted modules and menues. You can even create your own ORCHESTRA³ desktop. Of course, settings for fraud prevention as well as settings for the guidance of service fees, upfronts, kick-backs and commissions are configurable at all levels.

Automated Ticketing

Agency debit memos (ADMs) are history with the most powerful application for the automation of tickets. With a capacity of more than 10.000 tickets a day ORCHESTRA³ processes the complete ticket shell and performs ticket printing within just seconds. Once the PNR is read from the GDS it is validated towards the net fare database and towards published, private and corporate fares and conditions. While validated PNRs run smoothly through various checks until ticket printing, incorrect PNRs are placed on distinguished queues with an explicit error definition. If this is the case the PNRs can be modified manually and conveniently reassigned into the process.

Multi GDS

In today’s highly complex, cost-competitive travel business, it is crucial that bookings deliver high value to customers, controlling costs, enhancing choices and making booking and fulfillment more convenient. So no matter what GDS you are using today, if it is Amadeus, Sabre or Galileo -ORCHESTRA³ supports your business.

GDS Interaction

Write RM or OSI or SSR into your PNR to interact with airlines or customers.
Read out GDS answers and create transactions to react on them.

Workflow Tool

Call- and Fulfilment centers have to offer the most varied processes. Unfortunately, most current systems are relatively inflexible and based on old-fashioned technology. Thanks to ORCHESTRA³’s sophisticated workflow tool you can now react flexibly to workflow changes avoiding expensive and time consuming programming. Create your workflows with our innovative drag-and-drop-system and control your own business. React in seconds on new challenges.

Travel Itinerary

Customer based or business case driven design with On-the-fly pdf creation in multiple language. Maximum flexibility in creation and dispatch. 7/24 information to your customer. Create and send: Travel plan, Price offer, ITR, Ics calendar file, Schedule change info, Risk country messages and more… Highlight segments by remark, store multiple addresses of you and your customer. Dynamic use of email addresses and text blocks. Print variable information from the PNR.


By offering interfaces to all major GDS, mid- and back office systems ORCHESTRA³ creates an optimum base for Call- and Fulfilment centers. All PNR data is processed as XML avoiding unnecessary, additional GDS transaction costs. Interfaces to Payment Service Providers are part of the workflow and offer the opportunity to handle credit card charging or other payment options like direct debit.


Eliminate technology infrastructure concerns! ORCHESTRA³ is a web based application running on your own hardware. The entire data is saved centrally by using the latest computer centre technology (clustering, failover, load balancing), thus making it available to all business areas independent of location: Access anytime – from anywhere.


Download the product datasheet as PDF.


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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