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Ypsilon as Payment Service Connector

Ypsilon is not only PCI DSS level 1 certified company and fully PSD2 / SCA compliant but also registered with VISA Europe as Merchant agent. (see connects directly to several major acquirers and other alternative forms of payment including several virtual credit card suppliers. (Amadeus, American express, Airplus, Wex, Enett). provides the technical infrastructure for a fully integrated booking and payment flow including fraud prevention to save customers transaction costs. has the main advantage that it can coordinate and analyse data streams before they were forwarded (e.g. to a bank) and thereby act in terms of bookings based on the data of previous payment results. (Analysing the payment status –OK/NOK or pending, bookings can be queued individually or cancelled. Remarks/OSI can be added through any reservation system that connects to). offers the complete flow from Booking/Fraud check/Reconciliation to payment and post booking interaction within the GDS or CRS. The services are also available through an XML API and a „white page“ that can be embedded into any OBE payment stage.

Services and APIs

  • Advanced Payment Services
  • Payment Services via API
  • PSD2 SCA API /Strong customer authentication via Iframe
  • PSD2 SCA API /Strong customer authentication via API
  • Payment Fraud API
  • PCI DSS proxy solutions
  • PCI DSS proxy token Iframe
  • Payment via Virtual Credit Cards

Connected acquiring banks

Connected PSP & payment methods

Ypsilon also faciliates payment with virtual credit cards via the following providers

Advantages of using VCCs

  • Agencies or tour operators do not have to constantly use the same card
  • Higher security as card is only loaded for a single transaction and amount, hence eliminating the risk of cards being compromised
  • Tour operators can opaque price of items in a package by paying individual suppliers with VCC
  • Higher security as employees cannot access the card number
  • Less risks as suppliers cannot detect that same card is constantly used and cannot block the card (Low cost carriers for instance have fraud check that validate frequent usage of CC)
  • Cards can be issued on travelers name to prevent refusal of CC
  • Secured payment/less fraud as VCC is only valid for a unique transaction
  • Easy reconciliation of CC statement and booking transactions
  • Process could be easily automated via/for a GDS
  • All major credit cards can be processed in diverse currencies
  • Additional source of revenue for agencies or OTA as kick-back on interchange fee or transaction fee paid by merchants is returned to agencies or OTA by card issuing bank if negotiated with the acquirer
  • A cryptic command in the GDS could send the PNR on a specific payment queue, constantly monitored by the Ypsilon payment Gateway
  • Once a PNR is placed on the payment queue, the Ypsilon Gateway executes the payment process with virtual credit card, update PNR remarks and commands relevant for payment transactions
  • All payments and booking details are automatically re-conciliated in the Ypsilon admin tool as well as in the admin tool of the acquiring bank. The Virtual card process is already in place


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