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FraudClear offers an advanced payment and loyalty fraud management system tailored for the airline and travel industry.
Unlike conventional systems that employ a uniform machine learning-based "detection" approach, FraudClear combines machine learning with direct access to airline reservation systems.
This integration enables data extraction and analysis from Passenger Name Records (PNRs) directly at the source in the reservation system of the airlines without requiring any API modifications.

FraudClear facilitates complete automation within reservation systems, including manual review processes, exchange ticket workflows, NDC connections, access to check-in systems, and loyalty systems.
The fraud engine is highly customizable, employing a sophisticated algorithm that combines rule definitions, enhanced cross-referencing systems, and machine learning technology to align with the unique needs of each company.

Based on the scoring results, the fraud check application can trigger predefined actions on major Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). These actions may include cancelling reservations, suspending bookings, voiding transactions, processing refunds, inserting special remarks or executing specific queuing commands.
The fraud pattern recognition is adaptable to specific customer requirements and market conditions. Rules can be precisely defined using a multitude of metrics, such as IP geolocation, address normalization, device fingerprinting, email profiling, velocity checks, and internal and external data sources like negative and positive lists, customer solvency information, third party information sources such as Perseuss data, Ekata, Ethoca alerts, CPF numbers, and more.

Testimonial Air France

"After many years of working with a general purpose anti-fraud tool, we decided to migrate to the FraudClear tool. We are very satisfied with our migration to a tool adapted to the tourism business and more specifically to air transport industry. It provides real added value compared to other tools which are showing more and more limitations due to the specificity of our activity. The analysis of the information contained in a reservation file (PNR) is a real added value allowing a more detailed analysis of the data, offering the opportunity to set up control rules that are completely foreign or impossible with other suppliers. The processing interface and the wide range of possible automations allow for greater speed in processing by analysts, resulting in significant productivity gains. The numerous possibilities for technical developments or adaptation to our internal processes, the availability of the teams, the quality of the data and the quality of the service provided are a real advantage. The European company is a human-sized company that listens to its customers and is both very reactive and proactive in terms of customer needs. It knows how to build a win-win commercial relationship.
The significant drop in our financial losses due to payment fraud is a sign of the success of our migration!"

Éric Facquet
Air France
Fraud Prevention Deputy Director
Internal Control and Internal Audit Department

Testimonial KLM

"In the beginning, the KLM fraud department started working with an internal fraud prevention system, then switched to an external provider. During our numerous years of operation, we have learned and gained experience regarding the needs and options of the maximalisation of success. After careful consideration, we have signed a contract with Ypsilon, Fraud Clear. It was a great challenge to implement a new tool, especially one that has significant influence on our results with all its own advantages and disadvantages. This change first always requires significant time and effort to set up all the details, rules, definitions; we learned a bit “new way of working”.

For KLM, it was important not only to find a system that is able to perform according to our requirements and quickly adapt to the continuous and turbulent changes of fraud prevention, but also to build a truthful, straightforward, and transparent cooperation in order to succeed. Such support is essential for further development and a joint, fruitful partnership. Fortunately, we have found this connection with Ypsilon, and we are able to work together on the system, brainstorm on existing issues, thus preventing further problems.

A crucial part of this cooperation is the option to “tailor” the product to fit KLM’s needs. Beside the technical support and the wide range of possibilities of the system itself, we are supported with analytical knowledge as well. FraudClear’s fraud specialists also have a broad and deep understanding and experience in preventing fraudulent action, a specific way of thinking and the ability to see and analyse data on a wide scale. All these are key factors in the transport industry to minimalize manual reviews and financial loss.

Our cooperation has been very efficient and fruitful with them from day one, as Ypsilon combine their outstanding, customer-oriented attitude with high technical knowledge and a sharp minded, quick, and dedicated fraud analyst team. All things considered, I would mark FraudClear as a great provider. "

Rita Forray
Lead of Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Main features

  • Machine learning and customized rules
  • Combined payment and loyalty fraud prevention
  • Connectivity in the reservation and loyalty systems for full automation
  • NDC ready
  • Granular analysis of PNR data to set up control rules that are impossible with other suppliers
  • Exchange tickets/EMD fraud check workflow with or without add collect
  • Customized Workflow for week-end,night shift and bank holidays
  • Build rules based on any intermediate point of the itinerary
  • Auto suspend, auto void, automated refund, cancellation etc.
  • Connection to check-in system API pre & post ticketing
  • Reporting in real time with actual PNR data (Dashboard, User performance.
  • Call center agents cannot bypass the control system as PNR is automatically queued to FraudClear
  • Automated credit card verification /rules to check cards validity X Days before departure
  • Data cross referencing between partner airlines (within GDPR rules)
  • 100% more automation and precision in PNR data extraction and analysis.
  • Access on 3rd party data such as Perseuss, Ekata, Ethoca, CPF number etc.
  • User Friendly UI for less training/direct actioning on PNR/Automated Email/Higher productivity
  • Real time statistics with actual PNR data.FOP, Chargeback, time to departure,Destinations.Focus easily on targeted item
  • Own team of fraud analysts

Interaction can be generated in every Format and in all major Systems

  • Remarks
  • Confidential remarks
  • OSI
  • SSR
  • VOID Ticket
  • Suspend ticket
  • Cancel
  • Remove seating assignment
  • Queue management based on scoring
  • Automated email based on scoring


  • Amadeus Altea
  • Sabresonic
  • FLX
  • Travelport


  • Navitaire
  • Raddixx
  • NextRes
  • AirKiosk
  • CosmosEcho
  • Radixx
  • Avantik

The fraud prevention system is also available via XML API allowing diverse request types such as:

  • Fraud Scoring
  • Authorize
  • Purchase
  • Revert authorize
  • Revert purchase
  • Store payment data
  • The XML API can be used independently from the automation and reconciliation platform

Complete statistics to fully monitor and control fraud evolution


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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