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ETACS – Web based Mid- and Back-Office Solution for the Travel Business

The revolutionary ETACS offers an extremely flexible and open designed web based PCI DSS compliant mid and back office solution offering customisable documentation to the corporate identity of your travel company. With over 30 interfaces to the main GDS systems as well as the leading internet booking engines, ETACS offers a cost effective, fully hosted instant solution.

The main features of ETACS

  • Customer Management
  • CRM System
  • Management of bookings
  • Full Accounting
  • Reporting and MIS
  • Interfaces and connectivity

The ETACS system understands that CRM is key to any successful business and allows you to easily manage profiles on various customer types from private to corporate travellers. ETACS stores all necessary data, such as tour operator, service types, itineraries and cancellation conditions to individual commission scales. This data is also easily used for reporting and MIS and allows the management of your customers and bookings down to the finest details, such as highlighting specific customer events, applying complex service fees, calculating corporate travel savings or advising profit margins. With the added benefit of CusPort your customer can access all his bookings via his own secure log in from your home page.
Being PCI DSS compliant ETACS can be connected to an integrated Payment Service Provider to allow for card processing and direct posting to bookings. The ETACS accounting and financial reporting modules are matched to the needs of small and medium-sized travel businesses and for larger businesses it offers interfaces to IBIZA, DATEV and SAGE KHK

1. Basic data, configuration and initial implementation

  • Pre-defined Tables for
  • 3- Lettercodes, ETACS codes, ZIP codes etc…
  • Tour operator database:
  • Product types
  • Cancellation rules and fees
  • Commission rules and fees
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Agency number etc.
  • Free text definition for:
  • E-mails, letters, confirmations, invoices etc.
  • Payment terms
  • Fees
  • Rebate
  • Users
  • User rights
  • User navigation setup
  • User groups definition
  • Branch offices and multi company
  • Affiliates or brand names with separate logos, templates etc.
  • Free to define statistics in SQL format
  • Free to define CRM criteria (hobbies, travel preferences etc.)
  • Currency table
  • Tables related to bookings:
  • Automated reminders
  • Hints („Have you offered an insurance?“)
  • Booking sources (Online booking, Call centre, Walk in etc.)
  • Text modules (related to supplier- and/or related to bookings)

2. Client database

  • 3 types of clients
  • Private
  • Corporate
  • Travel agency
  • Address database (international Format)
  • Unlimited contact persons per client
  • Individual payment terms and credit limits
  • Individual fees and rebates per customer
  • Storing of standard contact details
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Regular mail
  • Individual contact language and currency
  • Unlimited marketing criteria to assign (hobbies, preferred supplier etc.)
  • Store from ETACS accounts, credit cards and frequent flyer Programs
  • 8 free to define fields for individual use
  • Enhanced statistics and individual reporting

3. Customer- CRM

  • Selection of marketing criteria
  • All fields of booking history are selection criteria
  • Client contact management system
  • Every printed document can be reprinted
  • Definition of rules for CRM actions like:
  • Automated SMS before departure
  • Welcome home letter
  • Birthday cards or greetings
  • Christmas cards
  • Newsletter via email, fax, letter etc.
  • Combinations of the criteria clients, bookings, events, marketing
  • Transfer of Data to fulfilment centre or letter shop possible
  • Reminder of expired events etc…

4. Booking database

  • Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan
  • Vista, Merlin, Tourselect, BUM@
  • LM+, Traffics, Traveltainment
  • Ypsilon.net
  • Hotel.de, erv, elvia
  • Manual entering of data
  • Automated calculation of rebates and fees
  • Differentiation between direct collection and agency collection
  • Posting from client payments:
  • Manual, debit card, online credit card payments, direct debit of account
  • Unlimited price lines per service
  • Unlimited participants and services per booking
  • Detailed masks for different services
  • Check and reminder for option dates
  • Offers are possible to print
  • Assignment from participants to services possible
  • Check of travel documents
  • E-mail, fax or printing of:
  • Offers, reservations, confirmations, delivery notes, invoices
  • Travel documents (Voucher, ticket deliveries etc.)
  • Itinerary, individual letters etc.

5. Accounting

  • Free to define chart of accounts
  • Individual accounting year
  • Cost centre and multi company options
  • Single or batch posting
  • Automated posting of:
  • Client payments
  • Invoices and purchases
  • Travel related profits
  • Interface and reconciliation of:
  • BSP / ARC
  • Rail
  • Several tour operators (TUI, TC, LTT etc.)
  • Import of ETACS statements
  • Export of data in several accounting formats (SAP, SAGE-KHK, DATEV etc)
  • Open items and reminders
  • Print of journals, cash books and different ledgers
  • Free to define statements like P&L, Balance sheet etc…
  • Client and tour operator profit and margin reports

6. Corporate module

  • Storing and manipulation of corporate contracts and specials
  • Specific data in bookings referred to customer profiles
  • Cost centre, Order number, project number etc.
  • Invoice template per customer
  • Special reports and statistics for corporate clients:
  • Traveller, department, branch, enterprise
  • Carrier, routing, class, tariff
  • Online access of corporate customers to their booking and client database

7. Reporting

Various statistics based on:

  • Employee, Type of travel, Destination, type of transport etc.
  • Segment based reporting for flight, hotel and car rental
  • Employee commission on service level (car rental, insurance, etc.)
  • Tour operator individual statistics and yield management
  • Display Reports as:
  • Tables or graphical charts
  • Booking, departure, return or birthday lists


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