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Package 1a (Ypsilon Flightpro)

Ypsilon FlightPro Ypsilon Flightpro: the one stop booking engine! Display and book fares from different sources.

Multi GDS content aggregation plays a vital role to cope with the challenges of GDS deregulation in order to provide travel retailers with full content integrated-inventory. The absence of one or more major carriers from a GDS could greatly impact a single GDS travel operator, travel retailers will need tools that provide them with multi GDS capability if they want to effectively serve their customers. Ypsilon Flightpro already aggregates fragmented inventory for rates and availability from multiple disparate sources.

  • Consolidator Net fares
  • Consolidator Nego fares
  • Published fares
  • Low-costs carriers
  • Web-fares
  • Charters
  • Multi lingual (30 languages now available)
  • Dynamic availability and fare caching"
  • Ability to cope with several type of structured net fare database such as Stadaf, Patheo, Farelogix, Partners, Hitchhiker or proprietary database"

Main features:

  • One way/return trip /open jaw/stopover enabled
  • If enabled, also permits construction of net fares itineraries mixing low-cost carriers with regular carriers
  • Powersearch functionality per fare and per specific airline
  • Specific airline exclusion possible
  • Best fare availability
  • Flexible date availability search
  • Commission and price calculation adjustments for net, nego and published fares
  • Ghost PNR creation for Low cost carrier bookings in GDS
  • Full layout integration
  • Full PNR definition for back/mid office purposes
  • Real time booking summaries and statistics
  • Real time and prospective sales reports
  • Credit card acceptance and validation possibility
  • Determination of the travel cancellation insurance amount
  • Full overview of all generated flight bookings
  • Booking details with complete history of booking process
  • Form of payment definition
  • Creation and storage of passenger itinerary
  • Etix enabled
  • Individual mark-up for agencies and affiliates accounts
  • Individual administration tool and statistics
  • Car, hotel and insurance cross sell
monthly € 50.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 1b (Nofrill/Charter Standalone IBE)

One stop shop – Single point-of-entry to dynamically compare and book low-cost, nofrill, web and charter carriers

The new standalone nofrill and charter IBE features nearly full content with out any GDS connection and without any GDS scan costs.

Costs per booked passenger: EUR 2.60

Main features:

  • New, re-designed layout
  • Flight Content without IATA and GDS connection
  • No GDS scan costs
  • More than 160 international nofrill and web carrier in direct connect
  • More than 30 German tour operators
  • Multi language Support
  • Car, hotel and insurance cross sell
  • Form of payment definition
  • Individual mark-up
  • Individual administration tool and statistics
  • Real time booking summaries and statistics
  • Real time and prospective sales reports
  • Credit card acceptance and validation possibility
monthly € 20.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 2 (Ypsilon Mietwagen)

No monthly licence fee will apply for users of the flight pro IBE (just the costs per booked car will be charged)

Please activate for the following Ypsilon AgencyID:
monthly € 0.00

No, I do not use the Ypsilon FlightPro IBE

Available car provider:

PartnerCost per booking
ArgusCarhire€ 3,00
AtlasOption€ 3,00
Auto Europe€ 3,00
AVIS€ 4,00
CarDelMar€ 3,00
Carnect€ 3,00
Cars&Camper€ 3,00
driveFTI€ 3,00
Europcar€ 4,00
Hertz€ 4,00
HolidayAutos€ 3,00€ 3,00
Sixt€ 4,00
Sunny Cars€ 3,00
TUI Cars € 3,00

The presentation of the offers of all car rental companies are in direct comparison. In connection with the Ypsilon FlightPro the car rental deals can be used for Fly & Drive and cross-sell.

For the usage of Ypsilon car IBE you just need an agency ID of one or more of the above car rental companies. You will receive the usual commission payment directly from your car rental partner in full.

monthly € 10.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 3 (UserProfile)

The Ypsilon UserProfile allows your customers to register in your booking engine and to file the corresponding master data for future bookings. The user profile works across all IBEs and is available in the flight, car rental and hotel-IBE IBE. Stored data is automatically transferred to the booking form of each IBE.

Main features:

  • Master data: address, payment method, shipping address
  • Preferences: special meals, seating, Frequentflyer data
  • Booking historie for flight, car and hotel
monthly € 50.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 4 (Ypsilon Affiliate-Program) amount:

Find new customers for your agency and offer your friends, customers and partners to use an affiliate version of your IBE on their own website or home page. The affiliate system will allow you to create your own affiliates an define individual incentives for your partners.

The affiliate program is available for your Ypsilon flight, car and hotel IBE.

Price per 100 affiliates

monthly € 200.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 5 (additional language modules)

The products of Ypsilon.Net are available in different languages. Please note that every product comes with a selectable language package which is already included in the base price.

Each additional language packet will be charged with € 10, - per month.

The following languages can be licensed in addition:

Dutch (BE)English (GB)English (US)Espanol
EstonianFinnishFrenchFrench (BE)
GermanGerman (CH)GreekHebrew
monthly € 10.00
  Package Period Amount

Packet 6 (Ypsilon Hotel)

Ypsilon Hotel is the online comparison shopping and booking engine for global hotel deals. Ypsilon hotel supplies in one query and direct comparison, the hotel offers a variety of booking channels and bed banks.

The hotel offering can be used in conjunction with the Ypsilon Flightpro Fly & stay and cross selling booking engine.

You can choose between 2 different models.

Hotel Ypsilon – "Self managers"

Calculation, billing and payments:

Gross rates: you receive in full the provision agreed with the hotel provider directly from the hotel supplier.

Net rates: You can define your markups based on diverse criteria such as supplier, destination, travel period, hotel) directly through the provided Ypsilon admin tool.

Cost per Hotel Booking: EUR 3,-


You need a valid agency contract and ID with one or more of the available hotel providers.

Available Hotel suppliers (Status May 2017)*:

  • GTA

*Amendments to the above list (addition or subtraction) of available hotel suppliers are possible.

monthly € 0.00

Ypsilon Hotel - Affiliate Program

Costs, billing and payments:

The remuneration will be defined according to the customer's departure and the settlement between the hotel provider and Ypsilon.Net. The remuneration will be credited on the online account of the affiliate within the 15th and 25th of the following month of the departure date provided that a minimum amount of 25, - Euro is achieved. The payment amount will be paid within 5 days to the account of the partner. If a payment via IBAN bank transfer is requested, the payment is executed within 14 days. Amounts below the minimum payout limit will be paid on the commission calculation of the following month. Balance on the Ypsilon.NET Affiliate Account will not bear interest.

The below post payments are estimates or averages for the partnership underlying advertising subsidies. The remuneration due to the affiliate will depend on the tour operator (product) as well as on the performance results of net sales and will be calculated according to the valid commission at time of booking. The actual valid commission table can be verified at any time by the affiliate in his personal account.

The sales-based commission is calculated in dependency of the net sum without local tax. There are no commission to be paid on the non provisioned services such as surcharges, taxes, service and booking fees.

Transfers to a German bank account is free of charge for affiliates. If payouts for affiliate are requested by check or transfers outside of Germany, Ypsilon.NET AG reserves the right to add the usual bank fees and surcharges for international transfers.

Cost per booked Hotel reservation: nil

Commission Table (Status May 2017):

Supplier Commission
GTA 4,5% – 6%
monthly € 0.00
  Package Period Amount

Package 7 (Special arrangements)

Special arrangements as agreed:

monthly € 

Bank account

We authorize the Ypsilon.Net AG to collect the monthly fees from our bank account by direct debit.


All prices are payable monthly. The term of the contract is 12 months, beginning with the signing of the contract and automatic extension of the above mentioned period of use, unless a cancellation occurs with three-month period before the use period. A notice must be in written form. All the above prices are exclusive of applicable VAT. We have received and understood the terms and conditions of Ypsilon.Net AG The terms and conditions apply to the aforementioned and all future benefits and services.

I accept the terms and conditions of Ypsilon.Net AG

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