Powerstats is a web-based data analysis solution

Powerstats provides airlines and OTAS with immediate and accurate data analysis of booked flights.
The Powerstats database is not fed by data provided by tapes but is directly queried from our flight booking database, hence making the available data instantaneous and therefore more valuable.
The faster the data can be analyzed by the airline or OTA the faster the airline or OTA can react to market necessities.

All information delivered on booked flights is stored in the database and can be used for sales and marketing evaluation, statistics and reporting, enabling the airlines or OTA to pro-actively act upon market fluctuations and behaviors.
Powerstats is for example, provides such information as the highest and lowest city pair sold, tickets issued by GDS, carrier, booking class, Fare types, Fare amount, Taxes, travel dates, booking dates , segments flown by partner airlines and more.
Furthermore, Powerstats allows sales volume, fare basis, and class comparison of different agencies.

  • Time ranges can be defined
  • Specific dates
  • Periods
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years
  • Data can be analyzed per market to show sales progression and calculate forecast
  • Class mix can be analyzed
  • Partner airlines are shown and listed
  • Taxes and all segments are displayed
  • Data storage also allows later comparisons if more thorough analysis is required
  • The user can individually customize the queries
  • The amount of details perused through Powerstats can be easily per-defined by the users
  • Display in grid, pie or bar view
  • Display per city pair or country pair

All queried results can be displayed on a list or on a graphical overview.
Results can be exported in CSV (comma separated value), Excel or as pdf file to facilitate direct insertion in reports or presentations.


Download the product datasheet as PDF

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