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Consolidators have the need to capture and manage their contracted net fare agreements that they receive from the airlines into a dynamic database.
Airlines need to manage the fares they distribute to consolidators and the fares they use in their e-commerce booking platform.
Furthermore, airlines need to be able to redistribute their fares in different formats. Contracted fares can be governed by hundreds of different restriction parameters that would need to be manually verified before a quotation is possible.
The Ypsilon Fareport system automates the rule validation and processing of every single fare allowing consolidators or airlines to substantially reduce costs and increase productivity.
Both need a fare management system that enables them to manage their fares efficiently.

Ypsilon Fareport loads and converts fares with all applicable rules and restrictions such as feeder airline and class of service, interline connection, min/max stay, validity dates, blackout dates, weekend surcharges, sunday rule, companion fares, routing restrictions, flight number restrictions, time or season restrictions and many more into a structured and comprehensive SQL database for immediate redistribution via internet or closed agent intranet.

Contractual net fares can be imported into the Ypsilon Fareport processor from several different formats or databases such as STADAF, Partners, Farelogix, or any kind of proprietary database format.
Furthermore, Ypsilon Fare Entry allows inventory suppliers to amend or update fares directly via the Internet, and any changes done will immediately affect the very next booking.
Any rule and restriction field can be amended and all changes are done in real time.

New feature in Fare Entry:

  • The Fareport entry now enables an easy import from Stadaf files.
  • Stadaf format database can be automatically imported into Fare Entry and appended to an existing consolidator database.
  • The import function supports the stadaf 1.x and stadaf 2.x formats, both generated by third party software companies.
  • Data entered in Fareport is available in cache data output (EDF/EDFbinary,OTDS, JSON, CSV format).


  • Easy to use graphical interface to enter net fares and rules
  • Improve fare management
  • Immediate time to market of fares
  • Control and update inventory at any time
  • Multi format converter
  • Administration of contractual net fares
  • Instant activation of fares in the internet and intranet solutions
  • Global access by all authorised agents via internet or closed intranet
  • Password protected access
  • 2 user groups: Administrator/Data Entry user
  • Aggregation and administration of fare data (amend/delete/insert)
  • Logical validation of the inserted data
  • Scheduled update function with queuing system
  • Possibility to correct fare data before final aggregation
  • Access on detailed logs (Queue Log)
  • Client based configuration menu
  • Automatic update for new versions and implementations
  • Full control on all data
  • Flexible usage
  • Language: English
  • Fare Entry processes, return trip, one ways, stop-over, open jaws, dual availability, zones and routing construction, pricing and ticketing information
  • Dual availability
  • Selective fare distribution


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