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Booking engine for last minute and package offers in Responsive Web Design

Specials 2.1 is a versatile Internet booking engine, which can be quickly and easily integrated in any websites or online portals.

The booking engine contains the complete content of all major tour operators incl. x-operators. Your customer can choose from offers of more than 70 German tour operators and book online. Our user-friendly interface and responsive web design makes it easy to search and book packages.

Responsive web design is called an adaptive website layout, which automatically adjusts the display to the size of the calling device. Due to the automatic adaptation to the screen resolution, the “Responsive Web Design” is mainly used to optimize websites for mobile devices. The relevant devices include for example, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, iPhones and smartphones.

Depending on the resolution of the device, the contents of the Specials Packages Booking Engine (texts, graphics and tables) and structural elements adapt dynamically. This allows your website visitors on all devices a clear and user-friendly access to the package offers.

Individual search forms and target link

Get specific search forms to last minute, holiday packages, only hotel or flight offers and integrate them into your website or create deep links to certain hotels or target regions.

See a variety of pictures, reviews and referrals to give your customers a precise idea of the hotels. In combination with an extensive service description, flight times, land and water temperature, a detailed map and weather data for each region, your customer will get detailed information on his offer.

Main features

  • IBE with direct availability search for short and long term package travel deals
  • comprehensive direct comparison of range of holiday packages and last minute offers
  • Simple search functions for fast and targeted search
  • Insurance product included in booking process
  • GIATA Hotel guide
  • integrated IBE-quick search
  • Deep-link enabled
  • responsive Web-design
  • Dynamic packaging operators are fully integrated
  • Hotel reviews and recommendations included
  • Can be used as affiliate solution or on own agency

Further features of our “2.1” engine are responsive supply boxes, supply lists and landing pages.
With our new system, you can quickly and easily create your future supply boxes, supply lists and landing pages yourself.
Add more content and individuality to your web pages and lead your customers to specific destinations or offers. For example, offer boxes for family trips or Club travel. Our system includes all major tourist Topics (last minute, travel packages, flights, hotels, car hire). The presentation of the offers are updated daily and are available for all topics in responsive web design.


Download the product datasheet as PDF

Available Tour operator Content

  • 1AVista Reisen
  • 5 vor Flug
  • 5 vor Flug (X5VF)
  • Airtours
  • Aldiana
  • Aldiana (ALDX)
  • alltours
  • alltours-x (XALL)
  • Ameropa
  • ANEX Tour
  • ANEX Tour (XANE)
  • Bavaria Fernreisen
  • BENTOUR Reisen
  • Berge & Meer
  • BigXtra Touristik
  • BigXtra Touristik (XBIG)
  • Bucher Reisen
  • byebye
  • Coral Travel
  • Ecco-Reisen
  • Ecco-Reisen (XECC)
  • Express Travel International
  • FERIEN Touristik
  • Fit & Vital Reisen
  • FIT Reisen
  • FTI Touristik (XFTI)
  • FTI Touristik GmbH
  • HolidayTrex
  • Interhome
  • ITS
  • ITS Indi (ITSX)
  • Jahn Reisen
  • Jahn Reisen Indi (XJAH)
  • Last Minute Express S.L.U.
  • LMX Touristik
  • Meiers Weltreisen
  • Meiers Weltreisen (XMWR)
  • Neckermann Reisen
  • OLIMAR Reisen
  • Phoenix Reisen
  • schauinsland reisen
  • schauinsland reisen dynamisch
  • SnowTrex
  • Travelix
  • TUI
  • Vtours
  • Vtours International - MTCH AG
  • XPUR
  • Öger Tours

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