Content and connectivity

Ypsilon provides not only high-end internet technology but also substantial content. In addition to providing multi GDS access, Ypsilon also offers multi source aggregation of airline web availability, lowcost carrier inventory (54% via direct connectivity), car, hotel, rail & insurance offerings as well as air charter providers and tour operator content. Ultimately, Ypsilon also offers distributors the ability to manage their own hotel and air allocations within its tour operator platform.

Distribution and global reach

We connect suppliers to distributors and customers. Airlines and travel content providers can access thousands of agencies and customers worldwide through Yspilon.Net, providing an efficient distribution platform for their inventory. Content made available through Ypsilon can be deployed instantly and distributed globally, providing scheduled and lowcost carriers, hotels and car-hire companies a highly profitable alternative distribution platform. Ypsilon offers de-facto an alternative distribution platform that enables suppliers to reduce distribution costs.

Technology and integration

Distributors require fully integrated solutions as opposed to a patchwork of non compatible softwares, often from different providers, that are expensive to purchase and maintain. Ypsilon provides end-to-end IT solutions for the travel industry. With data management and fare calculation technology, Corporate, B2B and B2C booking engines, mid and back office systems, tour-operator modules, dynamic packaging and reporting software; our goal is to provide our customers with a complete turnkey solution to meet their specific needs at a highly competitive price.

Infrastructure and scalability

The digital economy is a real-time economy. Airlines and travel content suppliers must be able to distribute their inventory efficiently and cost effectively. It is imperative therefore that the technology that they rely on is powerful enough to sustain thousands of simultaneous visits and queries per second without problem or delay. Ypsilon provides a powerful industrial infrastructure based on clustered SUN and Unix server technology, direct IP/VPN connection to all GDS and direct connectivity to numerous content sources via multiple 155, 34Mbits and 2 Mbits internet lines. Ypsilon provides a scalable and robust infrastructure you can rely on.